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If you are a business owner in Glen Huntly, planning for your future should start now. You may have done some thinking about your plans for retirement and what you’re going to do with your business, but just thinking about it is not enough.

At Ruth Watson & Associates, we understand that the idea of handing over the reins to someone else after all your hard work in growing the business can be a difficult one. Professional succession planning near Glen Huntly will show you why it’s important to plan now.

One of the key reasons is to maximise your benefits in the future.

Planning now will:

  • prepare yourself and help you see a clearer path ahead,
  • put strategies in place to maximise the sale price, and
  • minimise your tax

There are complications that can arise in a succession strategy and addressing those issues now means we can successfully prepare you and guide you through the process as your plan unfolds.

This includes:

  • assisting with a full review
  • negotiating commercial contracts
  • maximising the value of your company

For professional succession planning near Glen Huntly, the partners at Ruth Watson and Associates are the team you need. Let us work with you and look after the financial details, so you can focus on value drivers.

succession planning near Glen Huntly

Ruth Watson and Associates are here to help you every step of the way

What will you do with your business? If you own the building or premises, what will you do with it? There are lucrative options to maximise your benefits which we can help you weigh up.

Some of the choices are:

  • handing the business down to family
  • handing it over to an employee who has the skills and passion
  • handing it over to a trusted business partner
  • selling just the building (if you own it) and leasing the business to create ongoing income
  • selling just the business and leasing the building (if you own it) to create ongoing income

The choices you make can be complex and need to be informed choices. You need expert guidance from a professional. That’s why you need Ruth Watson and Associates.


The trusted professionals

The partners at Ruth Watson and Associates are experienced in succession planning in Malvern East. We will help maximise your future benefits, and guide you through the entire journey.

Starting your succession planning now is beneficial for you and the person you’re planning on handing the business over to. They will have the time they need to prepare for the changeover and their responsibilities, both now and in the future.

It’s important to know the current worth of your business. The best way is to have regular valuations.

Making your plan as comprehensive as possible is the key. This includes;

  • choosing the best possible successor
  • planning the financial side, such as the market value and financial implications
  • planning the operational side of the handover, and your successor’s responsibilities
  • training programs for your successor
  • change in management training for the organisation
  • legal aspects relating to ownership, changes in the structure of the business, changes or transfers of licences or registrations

Engage the partners at Ruth Watson and Associates and you’ll have true peace of mind.


We’re ready to help you

The team at Ruth Watson and Associates genuinely care about your future outcome. We want you to be successful now and in retirement. To achieve this, we can develop a succession plan for a secure financial future.

Our team will ensure the plan is achievable, has measurable milestones and everything goes as smoothly as possible at every step of the journey.

It makes sense to plan now with the partners at Ruth Watson and Associates. We’ll identify financial risks and opportunities, tick all the boxes, and make sure everything’s accounted for.

Speak to our expert team today.