Car Finance Loan Rates in Malvern East

In recent times, zero-interest loan rates have been considered a tempting option when shopping for car loans. What can go wrong? It’s a cheap and simple option, that hopefully doesn’t require much of financial background. It looks like an option that anyone could get their heads around. All you have to do is pay your car finance loan rates monthly and be done in ten years, worst-case scenario. Sadly, it’s not quite that straightforward, but our car finance services in Malvern East are here to help you.

Consider this…

If you were to buy your car from a showroom on a zero-interest loan, chances are you will be paying the full price which is often not negotiable. 

But what if you traded in your old car? You’d be getting back money and saving cash, surely? Well… not exactly.  Zero-interest rates come at a price. This means that you will be trading in your old car for a lower price.

Then come the terms of conditions. Be aware that they are often less flexible at zero interest.  In short, a zero-interest loan might make you feel like you’re saving dollars when in actual fact you’d be spending more than you bargained for. 

Ruth Watson & Associates are here to help

But, never fear! Zero-interest loan rates are not all bad. It just pays to understand your circumstances and do your research. Here at Ruth Watson and Associates, we specialise in ensuring our clients know the deal when it comes to financing your car. Car finance loan rates in Malvern East can affect your hip pocket. That’s why we’re here to ensure that you get the very best out of your car loan.

Here are some things to consider:

How much do you want to borrow?

Remember that sticking to your budget will save you from debt or paying too much interest.

Secured or unsecured loan?

Keep in mind that secured loans offer lower interest but can be risky as you could lose the property you use as security if you’re unable to meet repayments. If you go with unsecured loans, you do pay higher interest over time.

How fast can you afford to repay your car loan? 

Consider your financial situation and whether a shorter loan with higher monthly repayments suits your budget or a longer loan with lower monthly repayments but more interest accrued.

car finance loan rates

Car Finance Loans on Used Cars: The Real Deal

Considering loan rates when you’re buying a new car can be a relatively simple task: you compare showroom offers, lenders’ offers and then do the math. But it’s a whole other story when you’re planning to buy a used car.

Let’s say you’re looking for car finance on used cars and you are a little unsure about how to negotiate your price. After all, it’s not an area you’re particularly familiar with or you might not have dealt with finances for a while. So, you don’t really know how to weigh up your options.  Are you actually receiving a good deal or are you spending too much? Is this car worth your investment? Car finance on used cars can be risky. So, why risk uncertainty?  Let us help you make a financially healthy decision. Because understanding your choices is absolutely crucial when it comes to financing your next car purchase.

car finance on used cars

Let us assist you with your car loan concerns

Hunting for a car is not just a matter of finance. We’ve all been there before: buying a car is exhausting. It can be a very challenging task to try and find that ‘good fit’ for your lifestyle. From family safety requirements to the frequency of your car usage, there are so many factors to consider. And let’s not forget about the economic maintenance and insurance!

By the time you begin thinking about financing your car, you’d be faced with all kinds of financial jargon. It can be so overwhelming to read all the terms and conditions, particularly after a long working day.  That’s why we are keen to make things as easy as possible for our clients.

Our team at Ruth Watson & Associates has been helping our customers take control of their finances for over 15 years. We understand how complicated the world of finance can be and strive to make your life easier.

We truly strive to make your life a little easier by guiding you through the financial process. Give us a call and to ensure you’re making the wisest financial decision for your car loan. Our team is here to help you.