Quality financial Planning Services near Ashburton

Ashburton is loved by residents for being a family-friendly suburb, with plenty of parks and period homes. It’s no surprise that you can see homeowners renovating and restoring their places to get the most out of their most valuable asset.

Where do they go when they want the best financial planning services near Ashburton?

The answer is easy. Ross Johnston and his team, the partners at Ruth Watson and Associates, a trusted provider of financial planning services in Malvern East.


Why Ross Johnston is trusted for financial planning services near Ashburton

Financial planning is an important step in your financial well-being. You need to know the team you choose have the experience and expertise to look after you and your financial future.

That’s precisely what you get with the partners at Ruth Watson & Associates.

Ross Johnston is renowned for his work as the former head of Australian Unity Financial Planning. He has an impressive track record with a wealth of knowledge to help you establish a solid financial plan.

There are many different aspects when it comes to financial planning, including:

  • investing a lump sum
  • preparing for when you’re about to retire
  • accumulating wealth
  • finance in retirement
  • selling your business
  • wanting to reduce your tax liability
  • facing financial challenges and redundancy

Wherever you are on your journey, Ross Johnston can help. Ross has years of experience of understanding the needs of a wide range of clients with the ability to tailor his service to your particular goals.


Strategic advice can start today

Whether you need help with investing, budgeting, planning for retirement or anything else to do with finance, Ross and his team can help create a strategic financial plan that’s right for you.

There are 3 key steps:

  • assessing your current financial position
  • converting your goals into objectives
  • developing management strategies for each objective

The team will get to know you and work with you to set your financial goals.

Your financial future needs the right plan and structure in place. Without one, you may end up just going around in circles or even falling behind.

financial planning services near Ashburton

The first step is to a better financial future

The best time to begin your financial planning is now. The more you put it off, the less you’ll be able to achieve. Your retirement years can come upon on you quickly. If you’ve neglected your financial planning, you may be risking the best of your lifestyle now, and risk forfeiting a secure and financially free retirement.

As partners at Ruth Watson and Associates, we cannot stress just how crucial it is to engage the best financial planning services near Ashburton right now.

Ross and his team specialise in:

  • Retirement planning: building tax-effective, reliable retirement income, structuring your finances to set up a secure future.
  • All superannuation: determining if you’re getting the best out of your super fund. From fund managers to asset allocations, finding the most tax-effective superannuation strategies to help maximise your fund’s potential.
  • Managed investment schemes including IDPS: investment strategies and asset allocations to help you improve cash flow and invest in your future.
  • Wealth planning
  • Buying/selling
  • Personal risk insurance products
  • Deposit and Payment Products: Non-basic Deposit Products
  • Government Debentures, Stocks or Bonds
  • Securities
  • Estate planning

Don’t put it off any longer. Whatever aspect of financial planning you need, contact the partners at Ruth Watson and Associates today. It will give you a better chance of a better tomorrow.


A bit about Ross Johnston:

Ross is a partner at Ruth Watson and Associates, member of FINSIA and the Association of Financial Advisers (AFA).


  • Master of Financial Services Law from Macquarie University
  • Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning from Securities Institute of Australia
  • Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance and Investment from Securities Institute of Australia
  • Certificate in Financial Markets from Securities Institute of Australia

With Ross Johnston’s expertise, you’re in very capable hands. Reach out today.